Sunday, June 5, 2011

I missed my milestone!

Posted my 500th and 501st entries to this blog yesterday and didn't even notice. I knew I was close. Had promised myself that upon reaching 500, I'd review everything from the beginning, over two years ago, and cull the best, dump the rest, and become a pest - by completing my book: A Crack in the Sidewalk. The metaphor in the title has morphed into something more edgy than originally intended, so I need to get busy capturing the idea before it escapes. Am about to do that while chatting with friends over coffee. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these two images from my recent wanderings among the weeds. Top photo, poppies hiding in the tall grass, and bottom photo, two kinds of clover at the roadside. The yellow one is Burr Clover. Same genus, Medicago, as Alfalfa.

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