Monday, June 6, 2011

More Rainy Day Photos

On the road to Oakland Camp, before the bridge that crosses Spanish Creek, there is a steep embankment on the left side of the road. For several weeks, it has been covered with buttercups, manzanita, and buck brush blooming. Yesterday, for the first time, I spotted large numbers o Checker Bloom (top series). So long as I kept my camera dry with my jacket, the lighting was great for photos. The cloudy sky prevented to flowers from being so shiny that they caused what we call "noise" in digital photography. After crossing the Spanish Creek Bridge, on the first broad curve to the left there were lots of Western Dog Violet on the right side of the road. This is a relatively shady stretch of tall firs so a great variety of mosses and lichens were abundant on the tree branches and trunks. Had the same feel as the Olympic Rain Forest in Washington. This remains a pleasantly cool place on the hottest days of summer. In the undergrowth here we find False Solomon's Seal blooming, Mountain Lady Slipper almost blooming, and many other species budding - Red Columbine, Prince's Pine, and Trail Plant among them. Great place to wander.

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