Friday, May 27, 2011

A Wonderful Drive Home

I took the Old Highway loop today on my way home from Greenville to Quincy. It was sort of gray and drizzly, but I managed to see some wonderful new blooms. They gray sky actually provided better than average lighting for photography as the whites and reds were not so harsh as they often are in bright sunlight. Will post a dozen or so of my best finds early tomorrow morning when I'm rested.
The top photo here of Choke Cherry was actually taken on the east shore of Lake Almanor during a short run up to the lake before the aforementioned "drive home." The Gooseberries and the Spotted Coral Root (a saprophytic orchid) were on Old Highway, just 100 yards or so up the hill from the turnoff to Keddie Cascades Trail. This is a hot spot for flowers now, and tomorrow morning's post will include another 9 or 10 taken there. As you drive up the hill, going south, there will be a wonderful rock garden like formation on your left. Not only are there lots of different flowers blooming from the cracks of the small cliff, but it's worth scrambling up over it to the flatter pine forest above. Lots of different species blooming there.

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