Sunday, May 8, 2011

Three views of a lady.

With apologies to the Dandelion Preservation Society, I was in the front yard pulling up dandelions when I found this beautiful Ladybird Beetle hiding among the foliage. The dandelions are prolific this year everywhere I've traveled, which isn't far from Quincy, so I knew I wouldn't threaten the population. I'm pulling up the ones in the vicinity of my neighbors' lawns to remove the temptation of crossing over the property line with Round-up. I know they'll be back, though. For some interesting reading, type dandelion into your browser. Or check out a chapter of the Dandelion Preservation Society - or start a chapter! I'll join.
Why do this? Dandelions are beautiful, nutritious, make good wine, provide food for many bugs, are full of useful latex (in WWII the Germans made tires from them), and poisoning them has all sorts of negative consequences. Change your aesthetic and try to regard them as lawn enhancements! Meanwhile, click on any of these photos for a closer view of the ladybird beetle.

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  1. I enjoy eating the leaves. Delicate but tasty. I have been making wine for years. I thought I would try dandelion once. And I had plenty in my yard for a few gallons. Do you know how many dandelion flowers you have to pick to make a little wine? I gave up. And I am sure it had nothing to do with my wife and a visiting friend snickering while I picked away.

    I am (semi) retired now. Maybe I should give it another shot.