Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Triplet and....

The Blue-eyed Mary (top photo) should have been included with my previous post where everything, Like Gaul, was divided into three parts. Other points of interest on my afternoon hike were the lush dandelions, many reaching 2 feet in height and populated by large groups of beetles. Another beetle, a type of Ladybug (third photo), was seen on a Big Leaf Maple. I gave it a chance to "read" my palm, but without result. I titled this one "Failed Chiromancy." Last, I saw an attractive bundle of new leaves on a young California Black Oak. The sap was running, and I wondered at what stage of emergence were the Oak Leafhoppers, one of my favorite subjects last summer. They winter in the roots, then follow the sap up in the spring, eventually setting up camp on the tips of branches and sucking a little bit of sap for their nutritional needs, seldom causing any damage to the trees. These photos were taken in Boyle Ravine, a short distance up the trail from the end of Coburn in Quincy.

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