Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bugs in Flowers - Spring is Great

A really warm and sunny day and I could have wandered in the woods until dark, but I did have promises to keep. I took lots of photos on my way home from Greenville, and am featuring just four tonight, my favorite flower/bug combinations. I'll post more tomorrow. There were many postcard-worthy patches of lupines around the Greenville Y, but the Ladybugs and Aphids got my attention (top and bottom photos). Along Old Highway in the vicinity of the Keddie Cascades Trail the Red Larkspur were abundant. Again, one sporting a lone aphid got my attention (2nd photo from top). Almost all the Mountain Dandelions in this same area had groups of beetles feeding and mating. Tomorrow morning I'll feature the day's best shots of flowers without bugs.
Most of them were surrounded by juicy poison oak leaves, so I felt itchy just looking at them.

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