Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Beauties from Yesterday

No time to write much today, but I wanted to share two more from yesterday's wonderful photo outing on my way home from work. I took over a hundred photos. Seems like spring had seriously arrived. I posted four with bugs yesterday and promised some without today. I risked Poison Oak to get these. Funny thing is I felt itchy as soon as I got into the car, even though I know I couldn't have an allergic reaction that quickly. Today, I have no sign of having been exposed. However, upon leaving the house this morning, my wife said the rash can show up several weeks after exposure. So, that ruins a few weeks.
Happened to get some other nice photos on the way to work this morning. I can only post samplers and suggestions for places to explore. Today's little side trip was on the trail down to Indian Falls. Some very nice Red Larkspur, lots of False Solomon's Seal, not quite ready to bloom, and some very nice Phacelia. The falls are roaring, by the way. Very photogenic and an auditory "rush."
As for the two posted here, the top photo is Sierra Stonecrop, Sedum obtusatum, and was seen on Old Highway just above (South) the turnoff to the Keddie Cascades Trail. The bottom photo is Scarlet Fritillary, Fritillaria recurva, photographed on Hwy 89 just north of Indian Falls. This is the one surrounded by Poison Oak.

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