Saturday, May 7, 2011

What are the little animals doing?

For a look at some of my flower photos from the past few days, check out the "Bloom Blog" link on the website of the Plumas Visitors Bureau. Here I'm posting a few animal photos I got recently, the one on top this afternoon where I park my car. These are Convergent Ladybird-beetles; hard to get used to that name after a lifetime of calling them Ladybugs. But they are beetles and not bugs. Another pair of mating beetles were seen in the Dandelion patch near the Greenville Y. I wasn't able to identify these. The Robin perched on a pile of dead birch trees in my yard let me get pretty close. It almost seemed as if he wanted to communicate. The Pill Bug did what Pill Bugs do, rolled up and looked like a pill when I tipped over a rotting log near our school garden. Last, breaking the pattern, the flower which was the first species I saw blooming this year, a month ago, is now matured and going to seed along the lower portion of the stem while still putting out flowers at the top. Typical pattern of the mustard family. I'll be posting flowers again soon, but I recovering from an intense week of preparing my photo show at the gallery of the Plumas County Museum. Please check out my exhibit titled "Cultivating Biophilia" during the months of May and June. There are currently over 20 photos in the show, but I'll be adding more during the month.

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