Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Waiting for an Oil Change

 I didn't have much time for photography or writing today, but I did bring my camera along when I went for an oil change.  In the midst of all this dryness, there was a little water flowing in the creek in front of Safeway.  That keeps the shoreline moist enough to support some late season blooming.  The patches of Gum Plant by Paradise Cafe had lots of bees visiting, but the wind was blowing.  I must admit it took around 20 shots to get these two that I thought were worth sharing.
 There's something magical about capturing a bee in mid-hover.  Some day I hope to be as lucky with a hummingbird.
I came across just one small patch of asters.  Among other species that were blooming, but which I bypassed due to lack of time, were Goldenrod, Chicory, Cat-o-nine-tails, Stickseed, and California Poppies.  Despite my early morning rush to school, I stopped to see if there was any water in Dellinger's Pond.  There was!  We might be getting a little more rain this week, and if so I expect to see interesting changes in vegetation and animal behavior.

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