Sunday, September 13, 2015

Legitimate Fall Colors

 In my previous post I showed Ambush Bugs on Tansy, a yellow background that makes it hard to spot the bugs.  I followed with a close-up of a bright pink Pea blossom, and imagined how beautiful it would be to see a yellow bug on a pink background.  Well, about five minutes after taking those photos, my wish was granted, and I found an Ambush Bug resting on a bright pink-purple Thistle.
 Nearby, the honey bees were busy on other Thistle blossoms.
 Then, I spotted a small patch of a smaller species of thistle and imagined its being a landing pad for some sort of colorful insect.
 Within a few seconds after taking this photo, a Cabbage White butterfly arrived.
 I went back to the Ambush Bug on California Thistle and found it slowly crawling toward the stem.  I wondered if it detected the romance taking place on the nearby Tansy and contemplated getting involved.
 After all this colorful excitement, I found the scene below calming.  The earth tones relaxed me, and I was able to carefully drive home without thinking too much about the smoke-filled sky.

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