Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day Miscellanea

As I wandered around the foothills of Mt. Hough today, I thought I had spotted an Oak Treehopper.  This combat-ready grasshopper must have thought the same thing.  I first spotted the grasshopper when it was about a foot away, then it seemed to approach aggressively what turned out to be a leaf bud.
On my way back to town, I spotted a couple of Sandhill Cranes along Quincy Junction Road.
President Reagan would have said "If you've seen one Snowberry, you've seen them all."  Not me.  I'm always looking for a more intriguing photo than the last one.  This cluster was in my favorite patch along Jackson Street in Quincy.
As I continued to wander, avoiding going home to do more school work, I found a nice pair of Sunflowers at Dellinger's Pond (not a pond at this time!).
From the archive of a couple of weeks ago, a closer view of Salsify gone to seed.  Click on it and enjoy the detail.

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