Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Made My Day

Once again, vindicating my tendency to neglect my lawn, this beautiful Goldenrod Crab Spider has made my day.  Actually, it's been a purposeful kind of neglect.  I am looking forward to a wonderful season of photography on the front lawn.  It's getting to the point that maybe I should no longer call it a lawn.  It's great to look at one of these spiders and think "Go ahead, make my day," and feel more enlightened than either Dirty Harry or Ronald Reagan when they used the phrase.


  1. I love the orange "racing stripes", I've not seen one with the stripes (or haven't noticed them).

  2. I've seen them with and without, and also often with the main body color yellow. Turns out they can change, but very slowly. Not so much for camouflage as to resemble a flower so insects that come in to get nectar are snagged by the waiting spider. Note the next several posts. This spider was very busy today!