Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hiding in the Underbrush

We hiked from the North end of Oakland Camp to Gilson Creek and beyond and saw lots of flowers somewhat disguised amongst the very dry underbrush.  In years like this one must look more intensely to find the color, but there is still plenty there.  The top photo is of some species of Dwarf Penstemon, only about 6" tall and in full flower.
This Western Dog Violet is blooming profusely around the Feather River College campus and to a lesser extent in the vicinity of Berry Creek by Oakland Camp.
The Sulfur-flowered Pea blends in really well with the dry surroundings.  Once you s[ot your first one, though, you start seeing them everywhere.
The Pacific Star Flower, a delicate beauty, growing mostly in the shade near creeks.
The first Cinquefoil I've seen this year.  Very nice ones blooming right next to the dirt road, and a few were not covered with dust!
Several different species of Arnica are now blooming in this area.

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