Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mostly Shrubs, no Bushes....

 On that same walk out by Gilson Creek, we saw some attractive shrubs blooming.  Above is the Utah Serviceberry, then below...
 ...Sierra Currant
... Manzanita
... Horsetail
 ...Scarlet Fritillary
 A very tiny Blue-eyed Mary, the only one I saw in a very large area.  Still not sure how I managed to spot it.  At most, the blossom was 1/8" across.
 Some sort of Garden Spider living in the Serviceberry.
I call this an aberration, although the person who left it there probably thinks all these flowers are aberrations.  C'est la vie.
Although I've managed to start off the month of May posting a set of photos per day, I've fallen a bit short on natural history lore.  The end of the college semester is approaching, so there's quite a lot of paperwork facing me for another week or so.  Then, I hope to become a nature writer again.  Stay tuned.

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