Monday, May 26, 2014

A Gourmet Meal...

 ...for a vulture, that is.  Or a flock of crows.  We first saw this beaver carcass when it was intact, nearly a month ago.  How it got to this place on the PG&E power line, far from any creek, remains a mystery to me.  On our walk yesterday, I first came across the bones of a rear leg.  Then I started finding other parts strewn about.
 Scapula and front leg bones, then, in the middle of the path, the lower half of the backbone with the tail pad still attached.
 Not the most pleasant sight on a nature walk, but, nevertheless, part of the cycle of life.  It didn't smell at all, so our dog didn't notice it.  Some insects and microorganisms must be doing their jobs.

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