Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Still Making My Day

 Oh, the drama!  After finding the Crab Spider on the clover earlier in the morning about 50 feet from my front door, I discovered that I could see from the inside hallway.  So, I checked on it periodically without going outside.  That is, until the first time I couldn't see it.  When went up close to the flower to check, I was rewarded by the sight of the spider dining on a captured hover fly or bee of some sort.  The spider had dragged his prey around to the shady side of the flower to dine in privacy.  It wasn't until I put the photo on my large screen that I noticed a piar of mating beetles on the top of the flower.
I should say "flowers," because each clover flower is actually a cluster of many smaller flowers, each of which has a shape typical of the pea family, Fabaceae, of which it is a member.  I hope this spider likes her new location.  Last summer, one took up residence on a daisy less than 6 feet from this spot, and it stayed for over three weeks, capturing a new bug every few days.

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