Monday, December 30, 2013

The Boyle Street Bear, and ...

 I have already put aside the photos I'll post for "A Winter Drive, Part 3," but I thought I'd haul our trash down the hill to the pick-up spot first.  I had my camera inside my jacket so I'd have plenty of battery power when I got the the calling card of the Boyle Street Bear.  I had spotted this on my way to my sunrise visit to Midtown Coffee.  I figured if it was still intact when I returned, I'd get a photo.  To people who live in and around Quincy, evidence of a visit by a bear is no big deal, but to our friends and relatives in urban setting back East, it's quite a big deal.  They imagine we are in a far more primitive setting than we are.  This perception is amplified when they hear that many of us heat with wood that we actually cut in the mountain forests, transported it to our homes in pickup tricks, and split and stacked it ourselves - for pleasure!  "What masochists," they think.  So, this photo of fresh bear poop, deposited some time last night, is for them.
 I thought this second photo, a close-up, represented a nice composition.  I leave it to the viewer to guess whether I'm using the term as a photographer or a scatologist. :)
The whole way down the hill with the trash cans, I was having a one-way conversation with a Raven perched atop a power pole.  The Raven was doing all the talking.  As an English instructor preparing to teach a course in Interpersonal Communication, I should know there's no such thing as a one-way conversation.  I just said that for effect. 
Since my destination was the bear poop, I didn't feel like unveiling the camera for a good shot of the Raven when I had the chance.  After the trash cans were delivered and I had my photos of the bear poop, I headed back up the hill and hoped the Raven was still there.  Just as I was readying my camera, the Raven took off and flew right over me.  Obviously, I wasn't quick enough or skillful enough to get a sharp photo.  So, I cal this one "Ravenblur."  Now that I'm back in my cozy garage/office workspace, I will try to get back to "A Winter Drive, Part 3." 

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