Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Mini-saga

 The setting: I need to explain why I would begin a post with such a dull photo.  It was around 3:00 this afternoon when I decided to bring some more fire wood up from the shed to the front deck.  No thought of nature photography.  In fact, I was thinking about "Winter Drive, Part 2" that I [planned to post after dealing with the fire wood.  But, one of my favorite things happened.  I disturbed a small creature that was planning to spend the winter in the stacked firewood.  It was a moth of a type that appeared in the blog around this time last year.  I can't remember the species.  Anyway, when I picked up the log it was on, it quickly let go and fell to the ground, then crawled into hiding beneath that tan 1"x2" that ends in the center of the above photo.  I figured that since it was hidden from the light, it would stay put while I ran to the house to get my camera.
 When I returned with the camera, I picked up the 1"x2" and there she was, facing north and getting ready to find another hiding place.  It was barely above freezing out there, but the moth seemed able to crawl quite fast - for a moth - but it made no attempt to fly.
 I don't know which senses came into play, but the moth quickly turned around and headed South where just a few inches away was the edge of the 4'x8' sheet of plywood that my fire wood is on.
I got one last glimpse - and photo - before the math totally disappeared beneath the plywood.  This sort of wood pile surprise is very exciting to me.  It could also be another chapter in the story "shades of brown" that I posted over a month ago.  Regarding that story, I promised my friend Spencer that I'd add to the discussion we had about shades of brown.  I need to get on it before everything starts turning green again.  And, I need to get back to posting the photos for "Winter Drive, Part 2."  There's so much winter excitement around here, it's looking like I'll reach my goal of a post per day for 2013.  Eight to go.

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