Sunday, December 1, 2013

Roadside Attractions on a cold afternoon

 On Friday afternoon, when I stopped to take care of my friend's cat, I couldn't help but inspect the ditch along the roadside and reminisce.  Even though nearly all plant life was now brown, except for the Red Field Clover (above) that was very close to the water, when I walk along the ditch I remember the series of wildflowers and visiting bugs I photographed there from late March through October.  The dewdrops made these particular clover leaves special.
 The front yard of the house has a great growth of Snow Berries, and I never tire of trying to get the ultimate close-up.
 After feeding and watering the cat, I got the urge to drive the loop - Highway 70 North to Chandler Road then back on Quincy Junction Road.  I got distracted listening to the car radio, but I did manage to stop near my friend Mike's old place to see if any Showy Milkweeds were still standing.
Just one plant still standing tall.  It has shed its seeds for the season, but these empty pods still look elegant to me.  I think I've squeezed all the summer memories I can out of my fall photography, so now I'm moving on to some indoor projects.  I'll still be on the lookout for winter phenomena of interest, but the subject matter of my blog will be shifting toward winter projects.

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