Sunday, December 16, 2012


 My photographer friend Spencer Dykstra [Spencer Dykstra Photography] has just posted on his Expressions Blog what he calls the Human Shadow Project.  Please check out his site for some outstanding photos as well as an important message.  His collection of photos reminded me that I had a folder on my computer in which I've been saving photos with a similar idea in mind.  I titled the folder 'Symptoms.'  Imagine an archaeologist from another galaxy visiting Earth and formulating a description of our species based on the artifacts in my photos and Spencer's. 
 One of the many ironies I see in these collections is that each 'product' or human fabrication pictured must have involved an artist somewhere along the line.  Certainly the labels, at least, were meant to be beautiful.  And look where they end up!
 Even shotgun shells are meant to be beautiful in some way, or else why would they come in so many colors?
 I'm pretty sure this catfish didn't get to this spot unaided.  Someone must have considered it to be ugly.
 Becoming obsolete.  At least some artists are cleaning them up and turning them into interesting sculptures. 
 I titled this photo 'oxidation.'  It'll eventually return to the soil whence it came.
I call this one 'the worm,' but that's just a euphemism for 'crap at the side of the road.'    So, does the title 'symptoms' seem appropriate? 


  1. I find it more than appropriate Joe! I was just contemplating that if all photographers left all of the detritus they saw in their images, would that spur people to clean it up? I would hope so! I suppose it could be the Don't Clone Nature movement or some such thing.



  2. They wouldn't know specifically where your images were made, unless you told them. If they saw similar detritus in their wanderings, maybe they'd be more motivated to make beautiful pictures.:)
    My son Ryan and I participated in a couple of those annual stream side clean-ups. Found the usual cans and bottles, but also some remarkable stuff. Appalling, really. Stuff you'd think no one in their right mind would just throw down a stream bank. So, there must be a lot of people out there not in their right minds.