Friday, December 14, 2012

Caring By Not Caring

 Snow is falling, so I knew this scene wouldn't last long.  Again, my front 'lawn' puts on a show.  To those who manicure their lawns, use herbicides to eliminate weeds, and use huge amounts of water to keep the grass looking almost as good as Astroturf(r), it appears that I don't care about my lawn.  Lots of so-called weeds, Daisies (but I repeat myself), Dandelions, Sorrel, and a wide variety of insect and spider visitors.  By not caring about the judgement of my neighbors nor the standard aesthetics that apply to lawns, I am showing a great deal of caring about all those plants, fungi and creatures that would otherwise have to find other places to live.  Selfishly, I'm also caring about my own enjoyment of communing with a small-scale wilderness.
These two clusters of mushroom caps were about two feet apart and are no doubt connected beneath the surface.  In other words, we're looking at one organism.  When I come in close with my camera, they stand out against the background, but, in reality, they almost went unnoticed.  Glad I got a peek before 'real winter' arrives.  Of course, if serious snow doesn't come, this scene could be repeated many more times.

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