Sunday, December 16, 2012

It Works!

When I posted my photo of Middle Earth yesterday, I suggested that if you click to make it larger and look at it long enough, you might see wonders.  I was beginning to see a hint of a friendly, talking centipede when the clatter of the 'real world' invaded my psyche and I had to go run some errands.  Well, my friend Chris at Spudgrafix took me up on the challenge and sent me this image of what he saw.  He also wished me a Merry Chrysalis.  This was all very inspiring.  I think that tomorrow morning I'll go back to this magical place and look a while longer. 
I want to dedicate today's post to two inspiring ladies.  Beatrix Potter, 1866 - 1943, who was one of the first to realize, over 100 years ago that lichens are a symbiotic combination of fungi and algae, was basically laughed out of the academy by men who thought they knew better.  Lynn Margulis, 1938 - 2011, who was one of the first to realize that our mitochondria were once bacteria, as were the chloroplasts in plant cells, then followed up that hypothesis with the realization that each of us is essentially a colony of bacteria.  Therefore, we shouldn't be so arrogant in our relationship to Mother Earth.

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