Monday, December 31, 2012

It's still 2012!

When I look at this photo as a candidate for hanging in an art gallery, I can't decide what to title it.  There's a tendency to think of it as a tossup between the Cinquefoil (flower on the right) and the Ladybug, AKA Ladybird Beetle.  It was only when I put it on my computer monitor that I discovered the aphid, probably about to become a meal for the Ladybug.  Now I think an appropriate title might be "Food Chain."  Or, if I wanted to wax philosophical, maybe call it "The Great Chain of Being" although that title has been taken.  I include the photographer, me, as a link in the chain.
Earlier I promised to continue with the them Beetlemania, so this is a start on a new family of beetles.

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