Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Garden Sprung Up

 For me, there's a lot of drama in this photo.  Yesterday I noticed this patch of fungus for the first time even though I drove by the spot several times a day.  Most likely the fungus sprung up over night.
Note that I used the singular as these are connected beneath the surface by an extremely thin and delicate film called a mycelium, so 'they' essentially one organism.  Another part of the drama is that they are making micro-nutrients available for the crop of baby Douglas-fir trees.
 A few close-ups of individual fruiting bodies that beg me to stay longer with sketchbook in hand.  I hope I get the chance before they all return to the soil in an unrecognizable form.
 This is not the sharpest photo in the bunch, but I love the drops of water hanging along the edge.
 My favorite of all these fruiting bodies is the one on the right.
 A nice variant on the color of the caps.  Could be an illustration in Alice in Wonderland.
Another overview of the scene.  For locals who are interesting, it's on the western end of Boyle Street in Quincy, on the left, immediately past a small cabin at 518 Boyle.  Please do not disturb.  If you're moved to sketch or paint, send me a result and I'll post it here.

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