Friday, December 7, 2012

Enjoying Them While They're Here

 These first two shots were numbered #2 and #3 in my original story, but once again I had technical difficulty.  Just like with Microsoft Word, sometimes it tries to use me rather than let me use it.  I might re-do the whole thing, but meanwhile, pretend the story starts with the third photo and work it out from there.  The main thing is these fruiting bodies really grab my attention every time I drive or walk by and I want to share them.
 I didn't just get closer.  They got bigger!  Overnight!  Immediately west of 518 Boyle Street, if you want to see a beautiful crop of fungi. I use the plural out of convention.  It's really one big organism, poking its parts through the soil and impersonating many individuals.  Hydra and octopi can perform this sort of stunt.
 They push their way through leaves, and when a few remain in place, it's a very natural look.  I guess something that's natural should have a natural look.
 I rolled a rotting log over and revealed this one trying to find its way to light, or possibly away from the dirt.  Not sure which tropism is operating here.
Seems like a little family, although it's just a part of the overall fungus.  Pretty soon, snowfall will bring about a change of scene.  The play goes on.

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