Sunday, December 9, 2012


 For reasons unknown, I woke up this morning thinking of spiders.  Probably the tail end of dreams.  I feel fortunate that my dreams and thoughts of spiders are pleasant.  The Goldenrod Crab Spider in both of these photos is one of the most beautiful spiders I've ever seen.  It comes in yellow and white phases and can change from one color to the other, although quite slowly - several days.  They may or may not have the red 'racing stripes.'  The above photo is of a capture on a daisy in my front lawn, probably in August when this scenario was an almost daily occurrence.
This scene was photographed in the Butterfly Valley Botanical Area, a protected square mile within the Plumas National Forest around 10 miles north of Quincy.  The area is best known for its carnivorous plants, but is also known for incredible botanical diversity, over 300 species IDd here I believe.  Maybe my spider dreams were a premonition because during my two hours of working in my firewood pile today I saw lots of spiders.  Nice to have the company.

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