Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Places for Bug Lovers

I'm reserving this space for a later-in-the-evening post about two places where I had interesting encounters with insects today.  One, pictured above, is the big green water tank in Boyle Ravine.  The other is the Plumas County Museum.  Story and more photos coming in two hours:)
6/4/2012, 1:58  p.m.  I guess that's a little more than two hours.  But, here goes....
The bug green water tank in Boyle Ravine creates several micro-habitats that provide some variation to the usual flora and fauna that can be viewed here.  The tank remains quite cool on hot days, providing some relief for flying insects and ambitious spiders that might feel threatened by the sun.  Also, around the base, aided by a few small leaks, there is a mini-wetland that supports wildflowers such as the cluster of Blue-eyed Grass seen in the top photo.  This little relative of Irises must be viewed up close to be appreciated.  The next five photos are bugs found resting on the walls of the tank.   The colder temperature has rendered most of them inactive for easy photography.  The last three photos are of moths found on the exterior walls of the Plumas County Museum.  Paul Russell at the museum called me, since I live just a couple of blocks away, so I came down to photograph the One-eyed Sphinx.  It conveniently waited for me.  Then I saw another moth I haven't identified in a nearby window frame.  The current rainstorm, to be followed by a warm period, should stimulate another good round of blooming and pollination. 

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