Thursday, June 14, 2012

Milkweed Time

The Showy Milkweeds, Asclepias speciosa, are budding everywhere I look, and a few are in the very pink stage, as in the top photo, just prior to blooming.  It's entirely possible they're already blooming in a sunny spot somehwere in the county (as in the 2nd photo), but they definitely will be around Quincy within the next week.  The Narrowleaf Milkweed, A. fascicularis, is also budding everywhere I've seen it, with some turning pink, and will soon look like the 3rd photo, although not always accompanied by a handsome beetle.  The Purple Milkweeds, A. cordifolia, have pretty much quite blooming and are on the verge of forming their seed pods, although at higher elevations there might still be some blooms.  The last photo is of Mountain Jewelweed, a member of the Mustard family.  It has nothing to do with the milkweeds, but it is exceptionally beautiful and I am finding them blooming along Boyle Creek up in the ravine and on the several tributaries of Spanish Creek around Oakland Camp.  Click on any of these for a closer look at the details.  Flower architecture is amazing.

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