Monday, October 10, 2011

Great Parenting

We've experienced several rainstorms, a couple of snow flurries, and a wide range of other conditions since these treehoppers occupied a couple of branches on one of my oak trees on September 8. I should say that's the date I became aware of their presence. Most of the nymphs I had been photographing over the past month have become adults, although a different color pattern than their mom. Mom is still standing by, though. She's the olive drab one with pale yellow and orange spots. The other adults are the ones of similar size that have longitudinal red and white stripes. We have a week of sun in the forecast, so I'm predicting this will be the week they gain the strength and inclination to do what they do and fly away. I'll continue to check on them daily in case I should spot some other report-worthy behavior.

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