Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Looking for color on another grey-brown day

 I took no panoramic photos this morning.  I could have faked the scene with a light, grey-brown paintbrush, but who'd want to look at that?  Instead, I kept my eyes peeled for color on my way to the college.  Along Golden Eagle Avenue, I'd been driving by this lone patch of Goldenrod for days, but this time I decided to stop and pay my respects.  If it were not for the school's mascot, this road could well be named Goldenrod Avenue.
 A closer view (click to get even closer) shows that this flower is a composite, in the same family as daisies and dandelions, and many other well-known flowers.  Once one stops for a closer look, it is
 inevitable that other discoveries await.  At my feet, surrounded by mostly brown vegetation are a few surviving filarees.  They are very rugged and will be back next year no matter what the climate brings in August and September.  They are a weed, but "what's in a name?"
 Another composite, maybe Hawkweed, is being paid a visit by some sort of fly.  [I'll check on the ID of the flower later and correct it if necessary.]
 Star Thistle, a plant enjoyed only by prickly naturalist.
 Bachelor's Buttons are doing fine along most roadsides around here, sharing space with Chicory which looks similar when driving by, but is unique when seen close up.
 On the paved walkway up to the offices, I spied a tiny white spot on this red thistle from around 20 feet away.  When I got close, I could see the tip of one leg of a Goldenrod Crab Spider,  By the time I got my lens cap off, she emerged to the extent shown above.  Then, as I moved in even closer, she
 looked for an escape route.  Then, the closest I could get (below), approximately 8 inches, showed
what a beautiful spider this is.  I don't think I've ever seen it resting on Goldenrod, but I suppose somewhere in the Midwest that may be its favorite resting place.
If you go walking around Quincy today, walk slowly, breath carefully, drink water often, and look for colorful things. :)

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