Wednesday, August 2, 2017

600 gallons per hour!

 This afternoon as my son and I watched the air traffic related to fighting the Minerva Fire we did a little web searching and number crunching.  The helicopter above burns up to 600 gallons of fuel per hour.  Late in May, I drove to Pittsburgh, PA and back, 5,100 miles, on 250 gallons of gas.  8 days of driving and used the amount of fuel this chopper burns in less than a half hour.  I'm sure glad they're here, but fighting fires is very expensive, not to mention many other impacts....  We're beginning to feel safe now at the base of Boyle Ravine.  Things are still more jittery in the Mill Creek watershed of East Quincy.  Optimism reigns, though.  And we met lots of fire fighters and support personnel during the past 5 days.  Some really great people, and they seem to like Quincy.

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