Saturday, June 3, 2017

Monitoring orchids

 Returned from a 12-day drive to Pittsburgh, PA, and back on May 31.  Went out to check on the wild orchids so I could keep several folks updated.  One orchid lover from France plans to visit Quincy for a guided tour on June 8.  I hope they're still in bloom by then.  They're looking wonderful right now.  I also hope some will hang on until Art Camp which begins June 18.  It was during Art Camp several years ago that I first discovered the Mountain Lady Slippers at this site.  I plan on leading two nature walks during camp this year, and the Lady Slippers will be a high point for many of the guests.
 The Spotted Coralroot growing very close to the Lady Slippers is also an orchid, but one that is saprophytic (lives of organic matter in the soil and does not photosynthesize).  This is a photo of the Coralroot I posted earlier. As of today, they've already passed their peak of blooming.  Today I plan to make another trip to the site to photograph the pods.
 On a hillside close to the orchids there's a patch of daisies which are among my favorite "insect magnets."  On May 31, I spotted by first Goldenrod Crab Spider of the season.
I've managed to take quite a few photos in the local area during the past several weeks, but have not had time to keep up with the blog.  Will begin to correct that lapse today - which I've just done! :)

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