Thursday, June 29, 2017

Native Fauna

 After a short morning excursion photographing roadside weeds (previous two posts), I took a short afternoon hike a little way up Boyle Ravine and got some nice photos of native flora and fauna.  Here's a brief fauna sampler from that hike.  Above, I believe, is the first male Goldenrod Crab Spider I've ever seen.  I've taken hundreds of photos of the females, but never saw one that I suspect was a male until now.
 I tipped over a piece of Douglas=fir bark and caught this large ground beetle before it ran off, and barely caught most of a millipede before it dug into soft dirt.  It's already pretty dry underneath most logs and boards I find in the woods.  Soon I'll need to gain some elevation to get the photos I want.  Maybe check out Brady's Camp this weekend.  It might still be Spring up there.

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