Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Rest of the Story

 These six finish my story of yesterday's hike on the FRC nature trail.  With several hut sunny days in the forecast, I expect to see significant changes in the scenery by next week.  I'll pay a visit and report back.  for ow, here's the way the beat-up Leopard Lily (above) looked when I first approached.  In my previous post I tilted it for a more attractive view.  This one is attractive to me in its own way.  This is probably how John Muir liked his flowers.
 In the darker parts of the forest along the trail there's a lot of Brewer's Angelica blooming.  A member of the carrot family, Apiaceae, it is easily confused with the famed Poison Hemlock, so don't take any chances.
 Here's a nice crop of some sort of bracket fungus at the end of a fallen Douglas-fir.
 I like the more open parts of the forest, alternating Ponderosa Pine and Black Oak, faily open underneath so no machetes needed.
 Yellow Salsify is doing fine this season.  In my yard and on roadsides, and along the nature trail, it's often a good place to see visiting bugs, but not nearly so much as the daisies which happen to be in the same family.  I'm looking forward to the later part of their life cycle when we see colonies of aphids being tended like herds of cows by small ants who feed off their "nectar."
Clarkia rhomboidea, a close relative of the Check Bloom featured in earlier posts.  The genus is named after explorer William Clark.

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