Thursday, June 22, 2017

Threats, Part 1

 As I began my walk up the path to the office, I spotted the Goldenrod Crab Spider that has occupied this flower for nearly two weeks.  Contrary to the popular image of spiders - always frantically running around trying to attack things, especially people - she mainly sits still all day and waits for delicious meals to land right in front of her.  Most of the time these insects have come to feed off the flower.  Sometimes, depending on the background, the spider herself is mistaken for a flower.  Some insects who don't feed off this particular type of flower might stop for a brief rest, or a drink of morning dew.  This morning was the second time I've caught this particular spider in the act of taking a meal.  This time it was a rather small fly.  The above photo approximates my first view.  Then I moved in for close-ups, and that did not distract the spider at all.
 Click on each photo for closer and closer views.  In the last one, my lens was only around 6 inches from the spider.  If I looked like a bird, she probably would have quickly disappeared below the surface of the flower or rode a quickly spun strong of web to the ground.  I've seen them do this with or without bringing along the partly-eaten meal.
I appreciate a few friends who find this spider beautiful.  She's absolutely no threat to humans.  More on the topic of threats later today.

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