Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Splitting Wood During a Heat Wave

 It's past my bedtime, and still very hot, so I'm postponing until tomorrow my promised message about "threats: rational and irrational."  Meanwhile, here are some photos I took yesterday which will also be explained tomorrow.  Supposed to be even hotter tomorrow, so I'll try to get this accomplished early. :)
It's now "tomorrow."  I was splitting firewood and discarding older, rotten firewood and palettes, also old and rotten, that I've used to keep the firewood off the ground.  In the top photo you see one of these palettes.  I barely noticed a couple of white spots before tossing the palette further into the bed of my truck.  As sweaty and tired as I was, I couldn't resist taking a closer look (above and below).  Voila!  The Bird's Nest Fungus.  Click on each photo for closer looks.  I've discussed the interesting life cycle of this fungus in earlier blogs, and usually mention them every year when they show up in season.  Google this fungus and see what happens when a raindrop lands in the little cups, mostly 1/4" or so in diameter.

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