Saturday, May 13, 2017

It Happened So Fast!

 A week ago after work I went out toward Oakland Camp to check on the status of the Mountain Lady Slippers.  See the top photo in the blog of May 5.  I saw several of the plants with no buds yet.  Yesterday, I went to the same spot and Voila!  Blossoms.  They are not yet fully open, but certainly identifiable as the flowers of the Mountain Ladyslipper.  I had n't even gotten around to posting all of the photos of other species that I took on that trip last week.  But these new blossoms were so exciting, I decided to jump ahead.  Also, just a few feet away from the Ladyslippers were dozens of
specimens of the Spotted Coralroot, another orchid, in full bloom.  I hadn't noticed even small shoots last week.  The soil temperature and moisture must be ideal, because things are happening fast.  Also, every time I turn around I see another species blooming for the first time.  Western Dog Violet, Scarlet Fritillary, various species of Ranunculus (buttercups), a few Stickseed (Forget-me-nots), among others.  My favorite photos from yesterday's outing was the newly blooming Lemmon's Wild Ginger.  Tomorrow morning I'll start catching up wth the photos from both outings, May 5 and May 12.  Remember, you may click on any photos in the blog for enlarged views.


  1. That's exciting news, Joe! I hope to see them again this year. Any sign of northern coralroot? One of your previous blog entries mentioned seeing it at this site, and I'm hoping that California's record precipitation will bring forth plants not seen in years. Cheers, Tim

  2. Have not seen Northern Coralroot yet this year.