Thursday, June 29, 2017

"X" Marks the Spot

This morning, at a cafe with fast Internet, I put aside 16 photos I took earlier and intended to post under the title "Just Weeds."  However, I am now at home and with our pathetic Internet service, it took 5 minutes to upload this one photo.  I think I'll introduce my "Just Weeds" text here, then visit an Internet cafe again this afternoon to finish the job.  The above photo was taken in the main parking lot at FRC after I spent a half hour photographing weeds between the airport and this spot.  I found this scene somehow aesthetically pleasing.  It reminded me that sometimes the photographic "art" consists mainly in putting a rectangular frame around a piece of nature.  Many stories could spring from this photo - certainly more than the proverbial 1,000 words.
As for the weeds, I found that the wild sweet peas where I dropped my son off at work glowed in the low-angled sunlight.  Enough to get me out of the truck to walk around.  Then I started to notice the others.  Salsify, Chicory, Hawkweed, Filaree, etc., etc., that are called weeds in some field guides, aliens in others, and simply non-native in still others.  I try to say nice things about weeds in this space from time to time, maybe to try to offset what I'm hearing more and more often about people who are not from around here.  So, later today I will post 15 more photos of weeds under the title "Just Weeds," then two or three of native plants that I found among the weeds.

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