Monday, July 13, 2015

Sidetracked Again

 My wife and I saw some amazing and beautiful things Saturday when we hiked up the Sierra Buttes.  Now I'm anxious to post more photos from that trip.  I wonder if I'll ever get back to posting the results of my trip by Oakland Camp nearly a week ago.  That was a very rewarding excursion, especially as regards milkweeds and butterflies.  Here's a view of the Buttes from the Gold Lake Road as we were descending toward the turnoff to Packer Lake.  We began our hike at the Packer Lake Campground.  According to some signs the hike amounted to four miles each way and an elevation change of around 2,500' each way.  Woke up a little stiff the next day.
 Here's a view overlooking Young America Lake from around the 8,000' level.  The Upper and Lower Sardine Lakes can be seen in the background.  If I had a higher resolution camera and/or a longer lens, you could see some tiny people hiking across the rocks by the exit of the lake into Sardine Creek.
Here we are descending the stairway to the lookout with a view of a group of happy veterans and veterans' supporters who had come up here to honor a deceased comrade.  We never made it to the top of the stairway.  The wind and the cold and the exposure drained away our daring.  More photos from this expedition will surely follow.

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