Sunday, July 26, 2015

Hiking Poles and Duct Tape, a Marriage Made in Heaven?

 In my previous post, I poked gentle fun at people for bringing urban accouterments to their so-called wilderness experiences.  I must admit I have poked fun at my wife for using hiking poles, even though I am now more aware of their importance for protecting her knees.  And she has made a quip or two about my carrying a roll of duct tape.  Well, on yesterday's hike one of her poles came apart and we couldn't fix it in the recommended manner.  As you can see in the above and below photos, my duct tape came to the rescue.  We hiked a total of ten miles with several thousand feet of elevation change.  Today, she reports no knee problems. 
So, this pairing worked out fine.  I still refuse to bring a cell phone on my hikes.  :)

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  1. My wife and I have been using hiking poles for the last few years, and they will let us hike more years than we would have otherwise. Particularly going downhill, without them we would be in lots of pain. The only hassle for me is having to put them down and pick them up again every time I kneel down for a flower closeup (but believe me, they help me get back up on my feet!).

    I have been bringing my cell phone on my hike, but not for calls. I have a GPS app on the phone and I use it to track distance and elevation changes, as well as being able to save a plot of our hike for later reference. Fortunately, I don't give my phone number out to many people, so I don't get calls on the hike. I enjoy having the GPS information.