Saturday, July 11, 2015

An Unfriendly Ditch

It's been several days since I discovered these flowers, and the impulse that prompted the title has weakened.  I was checking my mail at the Quincy Post Office when I noticed across the street a cluster of bright yellow flowers that I had to investigate.  Right at the edge of the road, poling just above sidewalk level, was a lush cluster of Hooker's Evening Primrose (above and below).  I never tire of photographing this flower because it presents in such a variety of ways, and also because it blooms in the morning!  Where'd it get that name?
 This blossom is around 4" inches in diameter.
 Clusters that have buds, opened flowers, and seed-filled ovaries all on one stem provide great variety for photography. 
 Once I got this close to the ditch, I started noticing more flowers, so I just ambled along the edge.  The next intrigung scene was a dense patch of Spearmint (above).
 Then, across the ditch, around 10 feet from me, was a dense patch of Stickseed, a cousin of Forget-me-nots.
 Teasel always looks interesting from first buds, to flowers (above) to the dried stems and flower heads that may remain standing for several years.
Then I came across the above sign, mostly hidden among the leaves of a small tree.  I'm not sure if it's an old sign or if its message is intended to be current.  A bit unnerving to contemplate how close I came to being a criminal.  Now I know I can approach the ditch from the other side because that side of the sign probably doesn't say anything.  I mean no harm.  I'm just celebrating beautiful flowers that sometimes clog ditches.

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