Sunday, July 26, 2015

Golden Eagle Weed Inventory, Part II

 For Part I, scroll back to Thursday, July 23.  Here are ten more photos taken on a short drive down Golden Eagle Avenue, the entry road to Feather River College.  Fortunately, the weed eaters only cut about 10 feet from the edges of the pavement.  That leaves plenty of uncut area for observing and photographing wildflowers, both native and non-native, and the bugs that visit them.  The top photo here is Goldenrod, a member of the Sunflower or Aster family.
 Bachelor's Buttons come in many colors and are in the same genus as Star Thistle.
 Teasel is prolific along the South or pasture side of the road, especially close to Highway 70.
 Another view of Teasel.
 I never tire of photographing Chicory. The stamens and pistils are so intricate, and may different insects and spiders visit all through the summer.  And, a little ground up root improves coffee.
 Chamomile resembles miniature daisies.
 Yarrow, also a member of the Aster family.
 Wild Sweet Pea.  More attractive the closer you get.
 Gum Plant with an insect visitor.  Not sure whether it's a wasp or bee or fly mimicking such.
Different stages in the blossoming of Gum Plant. 

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