Thursday, July 23, 2015

Golden Eagle Weed Inventory, Part I

 I was hoping I'd be able to get some better photos of Ambush Bugs mating by today, but the two I've been watching have left their flowers.  The above photo is from my archives of a couple of summers ago.  However, the short drive from the FRC parking lot out to Highway 70, AKA Golden Eagle Avenue, was a weed lover's delight.  Especially if you are willing to get out of the car, walk around,m and get some stickers in your socks.  I was.
 St. Johns Wort.  It attracts some great bug life, so I'll be paying close attention to this species as it should be blooming for another month or more.
 A nice crop of Orachard Morning Glory beneath a jungle of Star Thistle.
 Yellow Sweetclover adorns roadsides throughout American Valleu - Heck, throughout California!
 Star Thistle.  Sorry, but I like it.
 Gum Plant, a nicely blooming flower and a bud.  I love the re-curved spines on the buds.
 Filaree blooms around here for half the year.
 A six-foot-tall Mullein.
 Close-up of Mullein
Hawkweed,. or some close relative in the Aster family.  Part two in the morning.  It was easy to spot a couple dozen species of blooming flowers in that short drive.

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