Sunday, July 26, 2015

On our way to Grizzly Peak and the Devil's Punchbowl

 Starting with the incredible Monk's Hood, this is the first of two or three posts on what we found around Brady's Camp last Friday.  The foothills of Argentine Peak were looking pretty dry on the way up with Squirrel Creek barely flowing.  However, around the little campground called Brady's Camp, there was enough water flowing through the meadow on the north side to support a good variety of wildflowers like the Monk's Hood (above) and the Ranger's Buttons (below).

 There were Corn Lilies blooming on both sides of us - at the edge of aforementioned meadow as well as around the dried-up creek bed to the South.  The creek bed looked a bit damp, so there might still have been some water flowing or seeping beneath the surface.  There was quite a good variety of helthy=looking woldflowers in and around the creek bed.
 A very nice stand of Paintbrush, and occasional ...
 clusteres of Checker Mallow (above) in the family that gave us the original Marsh Mallow (before Kraft or some similar entity turned it into sugar and air.
 Pine Drops, a member of the Heath or Wintergreen family were under the pines and firs all over the area.
 A white specimen of Monk's Hood.  I think it's the same species, just a variant, but I look into that further and correct myself if I'm wrong.
 My colleague, Joan Parkin, tried out my camera.  I can't do "selfies" with it.  This gives a rough idea of the surroundings near the creek bed.  Mostly Lodgepole Pine and Red Fir.
 Standing amongst the Leopard Lilies which extended for at least an acre, I could have stayed here for hours just photographing Leopard Lilies.
 A sampler. 
My favorite flower photo from this area, or tied with the Monk's Hood at the top.
Part II coming after dinner.

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