Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fall Colors???

 When I set out to photograph wildflowers and bugs, it seems like I only look up when I encounter a flower taller than me.  I've yet to encounter an insect that tall, but you never know....  After photographing a couple of healthy-looking Sunflowers and a clear blue sky in town, I decided to check for roadside attractions around American Valley.  The original plan was to check out Brady's Camp where I hear spring is exploding with wildflowers.  My gas budget wouldn't allow it, so I cruised Quincy Junction Road, Mill Creek Road, and Chandler Road.
 I came across a very healthy crop of Goldenrod on S. Mill Creek, and I started to get that Fall feeling.  In late Summer and early Fall, it seems that most everything blooming is yellow.
 Most of the Goldenrods had visiting Longhorn Beetles.
 In the same area, another yellow flower that people love to hate is the Star Thistle.  They were doing fine.
 Then there were Poppies.  So far, everything I saw blooming was yellow.
To top it off, on Quincy Junction Road was a great crop of St. John's Wort and the bees were busy there.  I actually did end up finding some other colors blooming, but I'll save that for another post.  It was Tuesday morning, and it was still very hot.

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