Sunday, March 22, 2015

Table Mountain, Part 4

 This iconic Valley Oak is the first impressive sight upon parking at the Table Mountain trail heads, that is, for people who look upward.  I must admit, I usually start off by looking at the ground as there are many species of wildflowers blooming right at the edges of the parking lot.  I showed many of these in the first few Table Mountain Posts.
 As I said in an earlier post, we were looking for Phantom Falls, but got lost.  At first we thought this was Phantom Falls, but n closer inspection found that it was not.
 A closer view shows the cave behind the base of the falls, a formation to similar to that at Phantom falls, but much smaller.
 We managed to hike down to the brink of the falls and I took this photo facing upstream. 
 At one of the many small streams we crossed, we looked for Newts.
 In the flat "table" country between creek canyons, this is a typical scene.  Concentric rings of flowers surrounding the drying up puddles from the last rains.
 I labelled this photo "Table Mountain Icons" as it shows many different species of wildflowers blooming in a relatively small space.  In places, there are acres and acres of this sort of scene.
 In one of the small woodlands between the vast open areas, the cattle gather for shade, water, and a scratching post.
Here' s Greg standing at the brink of one of the many deep canyons that cut through the mountain.

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