Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Crazy Name and No Photo

I drove by one of my favorite little pit stops near Keddie on my way to Greenville.  Fortunately, there was a logging truck riding my rear bumper so I used the turnout and decided to see if there were any signs of Indian Rhubarb in the adjacent creek.  No.  Either too early or too little water.  Anyway, I roamed around a bit and came across a patch of blooming Stout-beaked Toothwort.  This early spring member of the mustard family has the sort of name that always stimulates my etymology urge.  Today is a very busy teaching day, so I think tomorrow, in celebration of April Fool's Day, I'll post a photo and some words about crazy biological names.  You'll have to wonder if I'm fooling you - or, do your own etymological research. 

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