Saturday, March 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ryan.

 As a double celebration of March 7, I'm posting the last two images from my recent trips through the Feather River Canyon.  I was accompanied by my youngest son, Ryan, who turns 21 today.  Although his science interests are more on the physical science end of the scientific spectrum, and mine are on the life science end, Ryan knows a lot about our flora and fauna and clearly enjoys our discovery adventures in nature.  The above photos is of Henderson's Shooting Star and was taken at the edge of the Cherokee Road (to Table Mountain) about 100 yards off Highway 70.
The greenery shown here is of Dutchman's Pipe vine, not yet blooming.  This one only grows naturally up to around 2,000 feet in elevation, but my botanist friend Jay Wright, who also lives in Quincy, told me yesterday that the one growing in his yard, which he transplanted from the lower elevation, was already blooming, although the flowers were tiny compared to the usual size found on this plant around Chico.  I'll try to photograph his plant some time this weekend.
The other reason to celebrate this day is that on my morning excursion I found my first wildflowers of the season blooming in Quincy.  The first of the yellow violets, Henbit Dead Nettle, Filaree, and Whitlow Grass are all blooming on the Feather River College Campus.  I can hardly wait to share.

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