Saturday, March 14, 2015

15 Miles on Table Mountain

 We hiked all day, looking for Phantom Falls and getting lost - at least what some people would call lost.  We definitely walked in a big circle without realizing it and ended up south of our starting point when we thought we had been heading north.  However, the flowers were gorgeous and we saw lots of other good waterfalls.  The challenge was to get past the parking lot.  As soon as we got out of the truck, it was apparent there were dozens of species of wildflowers within a few yards of us.  The above pink one is Bitterroot, one of my favorites on this mountain. Below is Fiddleneck, another favorite.  My camera says I took 177 pictures, so it will take a few days to post the highlights and more details
about our wanderings.  Also, I need to post another bit of text  about Spring Whitlow Grass that I promised in my last post.  Hopefully, I'll wake up Sunday morning refreshed.  Right now, I'm sore and sleepy.

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