Saturday, March 7, 2015

Roses are red, violets are yellow, huh?

 After finishing my last post, I remembered another reason to celebrate this day.  I am finally back on pace to meet my self-imposed goal of averaging at least one post per day.  With this post, I have gotten one post ahead of schedule.
My most exciting find on this morning's excursion was the first of our several species of yellow violets.  I think it's Viola sheltonii, or Shelton's Violet, AKA Fan Violet, although there are several species that go by that latter name.  These two were the only two blooms I found in a half hour of wandering around the hill where the southern end of the Feather River College nature trail begins.  They are a reminder that I have to do my annual refresher course on our local species of yellow violets.  I have been caught in some ID errors in the past, and I correct them quickly when they are pointed out.  Maybe if I do enough homework I can avoid such errors this spring.

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